Haruka Ayase takes over the famous Glico signboard in Osaka for a limited time.

The ‘Glico signboard’, located in Dotonbori, Osaka, is currently undergoing a renewal. A special signboard recently went up featuring actress Haruka Ayase raising her arms as she finishes a race instead of the iconic Glico running man. Since the signboard was first installed in 1935, it has featured a runner finishing a race. The current one represents the 5th generation signboard and it has been used for 16 years. It was taken down on August 17 in preparation for the 6th generation signboard which will be revealed this fall.

Yosuke Yamashita

「W0MCF/C3  臺灣 Formosa 」


Amulet of Heian Shrine

除魔符 平安神宮 絵師不明 年代不詳

"方相氏 桃の杖 桃の弓"

Shoyu / Sadanobu II ?

ヒガシマル醤油 二代目長谷川貞信? 西垣武一 旧蔵 年代不詳

“有功一等賞 播磨國龍野 淺井醸造 京都河原町三條南 支店 森脇嘉兵衛”

“毎ゝ御引立て顧りありがたく御禮申し上候 尚相変ハらず御愛顧の程主人に模て偏ニ願ひ奉るものハ 大日本福助”

※参照:ヒガシマル醤油 - Wikipedia